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7-Eleven’s CEO Summit Transformation through Innovation

Meetaverse | 7-Eleven
About company
7‑Eleven is the world’s #1 convenience store with one simple focus, ‘Innovating to make life easier for the customers’.
Solution Used:
Custom space
Key Features:
Interactive booths,
custom VPN solution


CEOs from around the world
30 +
Interactive booths

Key features in the virtual space

  • Face-to-Face Interaction. Engaging with people more naturally facilitates a deeper connection using virtual event platforms all over the world.
  • Meeting Experiences. Meet one-on-one or bring a group together for a more immersive experience.
  • Showcase Content. Share your screen and communicate ideas like never before with flexible ways to present content during the virtual events in metaverse.
  • Immersive booths. Onboarding, product demos, and more become interactive walkthrough experiences in the metaverse.
  • Messaging & Chat. Send quick messages to stay connected or get work done on the fly.


7-Eleven faced a few challenges that they had to address in order to host a successful virtual event.

Allow CEOs to connect effectively across multiple languages and time zones

CEOs could access content and network with language translators at the event.

Give participants in China access to the event while working around the country’s firewall

Meetaverse team created a custom VPN solution so attendees in China could participate.

Easy-to-use interface for both tech-savvy and non-tech savvy attendees to navigate intuitively.

Participants instantly understood how to navigate in digital landscape that mirrored physical spaces.

The Solution

  • Custom Branding. Interactive booths from each country to eliminate the language barrier
  • Erase the borders to access the metaverse. A special custom VPN solution so attendees all over the world could participate.
  • Flexible Design. Development of a custom design space in such a way that participants quickly navigate the virtual space and find the spots they need.
The Solution
Meetaverse | 7-Eleven
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sam pesek 7-Eleven
Sam Pesek
Regional Director at 7-Eleven Inc.
It’s amazing how innovation and technology allowed us to all be here together.

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