CEOs from 18 countries shared their respective best practices during
7-Eleven’s 2021 CEO Summit – Transformation Through Innovation.
The organization partnered with Allseated to deliver a world-class virtual event.

It’s amazing how innovation and technology allowed us to all be here together.

Sam Pesek,
Sr. Regional Director 7-Eleven, Inc.
Challenges and Solutions
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Challenge 1
Allow CEOs to connect effectively across multiple languages and time zones
Solution 1

CEOs could access content and network with language translators at the event.

Challenge 2
Give participants in China access to the event while working around the country’s firewall)
Solution 2

Allseated created a custom VPN solution so attendees in China could participate

Challenge 3
Have an easy-to-use interface for both tech-savvy and non-tech savvy attendees to navigate intuitively.
Solution 3

Participants instantly understood how to navigate in digital landscape that mirrored physical spaces.

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