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What Does the Metaverse Mean for Your Organization?

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Find out at the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference & Expo​

Your organization wants to leverage the emerging Metaverse, and you’re looking to start off on solid footing. What is the Metaverse, and what does it mean for your business? Get answers at the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference & Expo, the first of its kind hosted in the Metaverse, October 25, 2022.

This B2B Metaverse experience, open to businesses large and small, will provide a deeper understanding of the Metaverse as it exists today and what it means for your business moving forward. For almost three decades, organizations worldwide have used 2D digital communication platforms to do business. It started with corporate websites, then came social media, followed by basic video communication tools. However, the way we communicate and do business is changing as we come to the end of Web 2 and move into Web 3 and the Metaverse.

There’s confusion about the Metaverse in terms of what it is and where to begin. The Metaverse became a buzzword when Facebook announced its name change to Meta last year. Businesses are asking – what can the Metaverse do for our organization and how do we start using it? The conference’s goal is to provide organizations with information and resources to help them move past the hype to practical application.

Why is the Metaverse important for organizations now?​

The corporate office environment is changing dramatically with digital-first metaverse offices and hybrid office scenarios. More than digital spaces for distributing and consuming content, the Metaverse is the next evolution in how internal teams will connect and collaborate and how marketing and sales teams will engage externally with leads and clients.

The Metaverse comprises evolving augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G networks coming together in 3D environments. In the metaverse, organizations can create intentionally designed experiences for internal teams, leads and current customers that mimic experiences in the physical world.

“The Metaverse is inevitable. It’s what’s next,” says conference speaker, Nick Borelli, Allseated’s Director of Marketing Growth. “The history of Allseated has been to support the design and implementation of experiences. This event is important from Allseated’s perspective because we’re investing in the Metaverse as digital experiences will become more like physical experiences. We’re excited to support organizations as they move into a more experiential Internet. This conference will give organizations a starting point.”

Borrelli has spent his career bridging the gap between digital and physical experiences to create the best of both worlds, which includes a scaled level of global communication where all parties can contribute and offers a more human way to connect. After spending the past year reviewing studies, interviewing experts, and working with corporate analysts to determine what the Metaverse can offer corporate metaverse enterprises, Borelli will discuss where to start with the Metaverse.

By entering the Metaverse now, organizations become market leaders. Joining the Metaverse later, as the Metaverse matures, may turn into an unwanted game of catch-up. Learn use cases available for the Metaverse today, which will give an edge over Web 2 tools organizations are using now. Get the full story in Borelli’s presentation How to Bring Your Company into the Metaverse.

Key takeaways include:

  • Questions to ask your team about the Metaverse
  • Where to implement Metaverse technologies
  • The near future of the Metaverse and what it means for your organization

What will the conference offer?​

Organizations will gain access to Metaverse thought leaders, advice and training, and platform and technology providers. The conference will include:

  • 40+ speakers in sessions covering:
    • Education and Training
    • Marketing and Commerce
    • Media and Entertainment
  • Open networking – connect with:
    • Panelists and Speakers
    • Attendees
    • Exhibitors and Sponsors
  • An expo hall – with Metaverse technology providers
  • An afterparty with celebrities you won’t want to miss

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