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Intentional Experience Design – Key to Success in Metaverse

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The Metaverse is taking us from the information age into the experience age of digital communication. Worthwhile experiences require effective intentional experience design. Done correctly, intentional experience design helps: 

  • Support human connection
  • Create a sense of presence
  • Provide memorable experiences
  • Develop trust
  • Encourage behavioral change

Intentional experience design, digital delivery

Allseated specializes in intentional experience design. Since 2012, using its innovative software, Allseated has partnered with organizations around the world, facilitating intentionally designed experiences for large-scale, B2B events.

During COVID, which forced the shift from physical to digital interaction for pretty much everything, Allseated understood that people still craved human connection. Unfortunately, traditional digital communication channels (e.g., 2D video communication, project management, social media, and website platforms) were digital abstractions that reduced human connectivity. Organizations needed new digital communication technology allowing interaction to move beyond passive content consumption, basic video communication, chat, and the resulting digital fatigue to deliver meaningful experiences that foster real connection.

So, Allseated enhanced it’s intentional experience design software to pioneer events delivered digitally. Allseated developed its technology to address decreased engagement and increased user fatigue experienced in traditional digital communication platforms. Allseated’s solution provides the ability to create intentionally designed experiences in 3D digital environments that effectively mimic experiences in the physical world.

Intentional experience design on virtual events platform in metaverse

With the success of Allseated’s platform, events clients started asking whether they could use the technology for more persistent, permanent use cases. With its ability to provide inclusive, immersive digital environments that encourage people to connect and interact naturally, clients wanted to use the technology to support day-to-day business activities and solve engagement problems with internal teams and external leads and clients.

Yes, tools such as project management and video communication platforms provide efficient communication for project-based work, but those tools can’t provide intentionally designed experiences. Organizations are missing deeper human connections to support sales, marketing, human resources, and other teams.

Technology Pain Points for Sales Teams

For sales teams, it’s about meeting sales goals. Teams need to accelerate sales in a digital-first environment, and they feel limited by existing technology. Traditional digital channels hamper sales as teams can’t shape the sales experience.

Technology Pain Points for Marketing Teams

For marketing teams, strengthening brand equity, increasing pipeline volume and driving revenue start with making the right first impression. However, traditional digital communication platforms make connecting with leads tougher than ever. Video calls and webinars provide a static experience. Teams don’t have the flexibility required to help leads connect with the brand.

Technology Pain Points for Human Resource Teams

For human resources, teams strive to maintain a healthy brand culture, attract top talent, support a satisfying work experience, and retain team members. It’s a struggle to maintain a stable, connected workplace in a rapidly changing work environment. Through the migration to hybrid and fully remote work, productivity remains strong, but team members feeling as though they don’t belong to their organization are leaving to pursue other opportunities in what’s sometimes called “the great resignation.” Organizations need more human-like connectivity to improve engagement, conduct virtual trainings for teams, promote shared values and provide a sense of ownership in the brand. That all happens through intentionally designed experiences.

Build Your Corporate Metaverse with Meetaverse

As an experience platform, Meetaverse allows users to be active participants instead of simply passive consumers. Meetaverse fosters real connections and builds trust as you engage naturally, anywhere in the platform, like you would in a physical space.

Meetaverse facilitates the same basic communication features as 2D platforms, including video calls, screen sharing, file sharing, and chat. Plus, team members can navigate, communicate and collaborate face-to-face in immersive, fully branded, 3D spaces. Organizations can create fully customized, intentionally designed environments that deliver meaningful experiences and drive deeper connections.

Meetaverse Solution for Sales

For sales, face-to-face, intentionally designed experiences are critical to changing leads into customers. Historically, that’s meant physically being in the room with people where the team can shape the sales experience. In Meetaverse, when leads enter a space and begin exploring interactive sales assets, the system automatically lets the team know that someone is there.

Team members can enter the metaverse space, start a conversation and answer questions. They’re meeting, connecting and building trust in an intentionally designed, shared experience.

Meetaverse Solution for Marketing

Marketing teams work across departments to develop supporting assets to ensure brand and product messaging stay on target. As innovation/R&D teams develop new products or enhancements to existing products, marketing teams work with R&D to develop effective messaging. From there, marketing teams develop and coordinate experiences that can include promotional events and assets supporting sales teams.

After the sale, marketing also works with customer success teams to ensure client satisfaction, which encourages repeat business. Using Meetaverse, it’s easy to create unique spaces where different teams and departments can work together on marketing in the metaverse to increase brand awareness, bring products to market, turn leads into customers, and build lasting partnerships.

Meetaverse Solution for Human Resources

HR in metaverse teams can create intentionally designed experiences that encourage engagement between team members. In Meetaverse, conversations and collaboration happen organically, resulting in stronger bonds, which foster connection, a sense of belonging and community, and help maintain your brand culture.

metaverse digital workplaces

Create a corporate metaverse your entire organization will love. With Meetaverse, navigate, communicate and collaborate in digital workplaces designed to accelerate sales, provide immersive brand experiences, and support remote work environments. It’s easy to expand from a few rooms to a comprehensive digital office environment, including board rooms, virtual corporate events spaces, team rooms, and office spaces for individual team members. Enjoy creative freedom.

Duplicate a physical corporate office space or create something totally new with Meetaverse. The inherent flexibility and scalability of Meetaverse makes it the ideal platform for delivering corporate metaverse solutions.

Features of Meetaverse

  • Meetings: formal and informal, 1-to-1, 1-to-many (facilitates group engagement)
  • Screen sharing: both in conversations and presentations with full screen capability
  • Ability to share files, videos and live stream
  • Meeting recordings (GDPR compliant)
  • Easy, self-guided navigation
  • Video/Audio calling
  • Chat: upload and download files (with emojis)
  • Fully customizable design with content integration for endless branding opportunities
  • Audience participation with live Q&A, chat, emoticons, and more
  • Presentations: multiple configurations (multiple or panel presenters)
  • Dashboard with administrative controls and analytics

Start your corporate metaverse with Meetaverse. Experience it now.

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