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Metaverse Meetings Guide

Bridge the Gap Between In-Person and Traditional Virtual Events

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To reach marketing objectives like lead acquisition or market research, some brands host physical (on-site) experiences, while others rely on virtual experiences to do the same. There are pros and cons to each delivery method.

Physical events are immersive (engagement is easier), but exclusive (only participants with the time and resources can participate) and data-poor. Virtual events (think Zoom) are inclusive and data-rich, but not immersive.

Events delivered in the emerging Metaverse can bridge the gap between physical and traditional virtual events (like webinars) by providing immersion, inclusion, engagement, and data all at the same time.

Virtual Events Immersion​

You may think you can’t host an event in the Metaverse because participants need virtual reality headsets or other specific hardware. Fortunately, that isn’t the case. Metaverse platforms providing spatial, 3D environments allow access through computers and mobile devices. Thus, the Metaverse is inclusive for anyone who wants to attend an event in the Metaverse.

Space in the Metaverse is infinite, allowing you to provide many more types and categories of offerings to any and all leads than at physical events. Your imagination and budget are your only limits in the Metaverse (more information about how to host a virtual event in metaverse). Some platforms require more customization than others. When choosing a Metaverse platform, look for out-of-the-box features vs. custom builds (e.g., Virbela vs. Roblox).

Use the Metaverse as an effective marketing tool:

  • Display your company information and products (all of them) with a click or touch. 
  • Create games, activities, and experiences to entice prospects to participate alongside the goods or services you sell
  • Gather valuable lead data

Engagement During Virtual Events in Metaverse

Events in the Metaverse can be more exciting and as productive as those at physical events. In the Metaverse, you don’t have to worry about prospects being distracted by their phones during a meeting. The immersive nature of the Metaverse naturally engages leads. Meetings become a series of immersive moments instead of awkward video calls during a traditional webinar or networking event.

Contextual interactions make Metaverse platforms a no-brainer for personalized marketing events. Make it easy for leads to contact you outside the Metaverse. Add a click-to-connect link to automatically send your LinkedIn contact details or share the video of your prospect’s Metaverse experience with him or her to prompt an out-of-Metaverse response.

Data about Virtual Event in Metaverse

Physical events struggle with data. Exhibitors awkwardly scan attendees’ badges, and everyone at the event gets the same information from each attendee, unless the event host or the exhibitor installs additional hardware. In virtual events, every click becomes a data point. Events in the Metaverse allow you to collect the right data (leads, buying signals, market research).

Data in the Metaverse can be a sensitive subject though. On the one hand, the Metaverse as a movement is about decentralization and anonymity. On the other, the Metaverse can collect valuable data, which prospects may or may not want to share.

The Metaverse can capture more than clicks and swipes. With different hardware components like those worn on the body or that scan the Metaverse environment, you will also capture biometric data and scans of physical space for marketing efforts.

For events, you can assume leads want to share some of their personal and behavioral data. However, data collection and transparency are something you will want to consider when building your event in the Metaverse.

Host your marketing event in the Meetaverse​

The Meetaverse offers a “third channel” for corporate marketers who don’t want to accept the binary: physical or limited, 2D virtual. Even evolved hybrid models don’t quite have the immersive, engaging elements that Metaverse platforms provide. As the Metaverse emerges, Metaverse platforms will offer even more features.

The mature Metaverse may be under construction, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of current Metaverse platforms. Platforms like Meetaverse offer a unique opportunity to experience the Metaverse without expensive hardware. Events on platforms that bridge the physical and virtual make room for everyone to attend. Schedule your demo now!

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