10 Reasons Your Human Resources Team Needs Meetaverse

You strive to maintain a healthy brand culture, attract top talent, support a satisfying work experience, and retain team members. It’s a struggle maintaining a stable, connected workplace in a rapidly changing work environment. Working in a traditional physical office has given way to digital-first and hybrid office scenarios. The shift to a flexible workforce has disrupted your workplace.

You’re inundated with demands from the entire organization, overwhelmed managing a million moving parts at the same time and disillusioned with technology solutions that don’t meet your needs. Remote work has increased productivity while hurting the overall brand culture. Forced social collaboration through traditional communication software is a boring pain instead of being a creative solution. There’s no connection between company meetings and your brand messaging. You have no appropriate digital venues for team programs.

Through your own corporate metaverse powered by Meetaverse, bring people together. Navigate, communicate and collaborate in fully customized, intentionally designed experiences. Connect your team, support your culture and keep your people happy wherever they work.

“There’s no other platform out there or technology that does this the same way. If you’re looking to bring your team closer together, this is it.” 



Here’s 10 reasons your human resources team needs Meetaverse now:

  1. The metaverse is changing the way we work.

The metaverse, the next evolution in communication, is changing the way your team works, which changes how you maintain your brand culture, support team member productivity and satisfaction, and manage human resources processes. You need to keep your team engaged and feeling like they belong in a distributed work environment like they would in a physical office. Get your organization up and running with Meetaverse.

  1. Working remotely has proven successful, and it’s here to stay.

The upside of working remotely, organizations get as much or more out of remote team members. You’ve noticed positive results like increased productivity and overall efficiency. More team members prefer working remotely rather than in a physical office environment. Digital-first and hybrid work environments are increasingly becoming the norm rather than the exception. Support your flexible workforce with Meetaverse.

  1. Improve team morale, decrease turnover, maintain brand culture.

The downside of working remotely (when using traditional technology), you’ve seen negatives like decreased engagement, lower team morale, higher turnover, and loss of brand culture.

“Business leaders say ‘maintaining our culture’ is their number one concern about managing a flexible workforce.” (Gartner®, 2022) (1)  

Basic communication platforms work fine for project-based work; however, there’s no way to work together in intentionally designed experiences, no sense identity in brand culture, or belonging to your organization. So, talented individuals working remotely often jump ship instead of staying to help with breakthrough ideas.

In Meetaverse, create intentionally designed experiences that encourage engagement between team members. Meetaverse facilitates the same basic communication features as 2D platforms including video calls, screen sharing, file sharing, and chat. Plus, team members can navigate, communicate and collaborate face-to-face in immersive, fully branded, 3D spaces. Conversations and collaboration happen organically, resulting in stronger bonds, which foster connection, a sense of belonging and community, and help maintain your brand culture.

  1. Attract top talent.

You need a competitive edge in the war for talent. There’s a finite amount of talent, and a lot of organizations vying for that talent. To attract the most innovative, creative talent, look outside traditional circles. Explore different talent pools. Look beyond usual roles and educational backgrounds. Draw great talent to your organization using immersive recruiting experiences in your corporate metaverse with Meetaverse. Use cases include:

  • Individual recruiting sessions
  • Job fairs
  • Interviews
  1. Streamline onboarding.

Provide new hires with a space to complete all onboarding activities. Onboard new team members in an interactive, self-guided learning space with digital assets to get them integrated, comfortable and productive more quickly. Use cases include:

  • Document completion
  • Employment verification
  • Accounts setup
  1. Provide continuing education training.

Create unique training spaces designed to give team members what they need when they need it. As Meetaverse is a participatory platform, it’s ideal for interactive, fun, sticky learning experiences. Provide various types of training assets in a variety of formats. Use cases include:

  • New hire training
  • Product training
  • Individual professional development
  • Team training
  • Business unit training
  • Company-wide training
  1. Manage human resources processes.

Take care of your human resource needs. Implement initiatives. Host meetings and events. Integrate assets into the architecture of the space (e.g., HR resources room) making it easy for team members to find the content they need. Use cases include:

  • Accounts management (benefits/payroll)
  • Health and wellness events
  • Social and cultural events


  1. Provide analytics to measure effectiveness of HR efforts.

In Meetaverse, measure and report platform activity (e.g., time users spent in the platform, engaged in conversation, user interactions, and content exchanges). Use the data to improve team member experiences, raise morale, increase productivity, and streamline processes.

  1. Build your corporate metaverse to suit your needs.

It’s easy to expand from a few rooms to a comprehensive digital office environment including a board room, corporate events spaces, team rooms, and office spaces for individual team members. Enjoy creative freedom. Duplicate a physical corporate office space or create something totally new with Meetaverse.

  1. You can put the metaverse to work for your organization now.

Keep your team engaged wherever they work with a corporate metaverse powered by Meetaverse. Create a digital workplace that connects your team, revitalizes your culture, and keeps your people happy. Bring people together in fully customized, intentionally designed experiences. Meetaverse by Allseated.


  • Meetings: formal and informal, 1-to-1, 1-to-many (facilitates group engagement)
  • Screen sharing: both in conversations and presentations with full screen capability
  • Ability to share files, videos and live stream
  • Meeting recordings (GDPR Compliant)
  • Easy, self-guided navigation
  • Video and Audio calling
  • Chat: upload and download files (with emojis)
  • Fully customizable design with content integration for endless branding opportunities
  • Presentations: ability to create multiple configurations (multiple or panel presenters)
  • Audience participation with live Q&A, chat, emoticons, and more
  • Dashboard with administrative controls and analytics

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Anything HR related. Use cases include meetings, project collaboration, recruiting, onboarding, training, benefits management, and hosting health/wellness events and social/cultural events that support the mission, vision and values of your organization.

1. Maintain a healthy, vibrant brand culture, which extends to remote workers.


2. Evolve to outcome-based performance measurement

Meetaverse supports interactive, experiential meeting design that helps keep teams engaged.

1. Gartner “The Future of Work Reinvented: Delivering Marketing Success in a Flexible Work Environment,” Jay B. Wilson, 2022.

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.